I want to believe.

My friends always ask me why not you are a believer .?
My reply always this I want to believe.
These lines are my friends please read them carefully.
If a problem can b solved no need to worry about it.
If a problem cannot be solved what is the use of worrying?
Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.

Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.

Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books.

Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.

Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.

But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it. ~Buddha



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Metasploit GUI integrated with Nessus in Kali Linux

Metasploit is the renowned Penetration testing framework created by H. D. Moore in 2003, metasploit was created to hack into computer systems for testing purpose. Metasploit can be used for following purposes:
  • Validate security risks as part of your vulnerability management program.
  • Safely simulate attacks on your network to uncover security issues.
  • Verify your defenses, security controls and mitigation efforts.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your security awareness program.
  • Audit password security beyond Windows and Linux logins.
Whereas, Nessus is a proprietary comprehensive vulnerability scanner which is developed by Tenable Network Security. It is free of charge for personal use in a non-enterprise environment. Key features of Nessus are:
  • Patch Management Integration
  • Malware/Botnet Detection
  • Mobile Device Auditing
  • Configuration & Compliance Auditing
  • Scanning & Auditing Virtualization & Cloud Platforms
And the last but not the least Kali Linux, which is the successor of backtrack linux. Kali Linux is a Debian-derived Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing. It is maintained and funded by Offensive Security Ltd.

Metasploit Graphical User Interface Tutorial

So it was the basic introduction of the tools that we are going to discuss, metasploit GUI comes under many umbrella; for example: Pro, community, Express and framework. In this tutorial I will use the Community version of metasploit.
  • Download the community version of metasploit from rapid7 website and get the activation code.
  • Configure it (if you need guideline then let us know, we will create a tutorial for the configuration too)
For better understanding of the work-flow, the video tutorial has been created.Something went wrong after uploading the video, skip the first 5 sec to get better quality. 



VoIP Hacking: Past, Present, Future and You!

VoIP technology does not need my words to prove its superiority over traditional mode of communication. The edge that this technology has, made it to become the number1 mode of communication, but at the same time it increased the risk of data theft and hijacking. Your words, your data and the past, present and future of hacking is matter but the industry is quite reluctant to discuss VoIP hacking and its security.

On Sep,24, 2014 we have seen a news where a man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing and then reselling more than 10 million minutes of Internet phone service. There are so many other incidents out there, on Oct,19,2014 phone hackers dial and redial to steal billions. VoIP security can be costly if not addressed properly. PBX and VoIP hacking, taken together, can lose companies a large amount of money. VoIP hacking is like most other forms of hacking — if you don’t pay attention to your security, you really will get what you deserve.

Hacking attack on VoIP network is the real threat that organizations are facing, top management of any company worry about their meeting that they done over IP telephony, the meeting, finalizing any deal, coordination with other team and all of above data of future plans, financial secrets and organizational secrets, etc. all of these information are at risk.

Organizations are willing to spend their $$$ to save their data and information but to whom they should spend their money? There seems to be nobody or a specific group of people who takes care of VoIP security and conduct penetration testing; otherwise the infosec industry is quite reluctant to produce more professionals for VoIP penetration testing. Hence the result is market gap, where potential are not interested, not available of simply they are not capable for VoIP environment.

The bad news is that training is not something that we can get over a single night. It takes time, effort and focus to learn and practice the art of VoIP penetration testing to secure the VoIP environment at your work place. There are some certification bodies who give certification but they are too costly and most of the courses are outdated.

You are reading this because somehow you are the part of Infosec industry and its time for us to think about it, to think about the future of this industry; what we have achieved so far and where the industry is heading towards?

Well, at this time I am not willing to give my final words of what I am thinking about the VoIP security and its future, I want you to consider yourself in place and think about it. Its about you and the past, present and future of VoIP hacking and its security.
Ehacking took an initiative to provide the world class VoIP Penetration Testing Training, the course has been designed to create engineers having skills to create VoIP network with server and phone configuration and the second objective of the course is to teach everyone to conduct pen-testing on VoIP environment. The course is available for FREE of cost. – See more at: http://www.ehacking.net/2015/01/voip-hacking-past-present-future-and-you.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ehacking+%28Ehacking-+Your+Way+To+The+World+Of+IT+Security%29#sthash.8rSAM7a9.dpuf



How to save your Credit Card from Cyber Criminals

During online shopping there are many people who became victim of the Cyber Criminals. Now the Question is who are these people who became victims of these Hackers. Or How can you protect your credit card online?

There’s nothing like the feeling of snapping up a hard-earned bargain when shopping online.
There’s also nothing like the feeling of falling victim to credit card fraud.
With a number of high-profile breaches this year alone, it’s always a good time to be alert — not alarmed — about using your credit card online.

On top of these general tips for safe shopping, here are some card-specific tips to keep in mind when virtually swiping your plastic.

Only enter your credit card details on secure sites

By now, you hopefully know the drill. Look for an https connection in the URL, as well as a padlock or another digital security certificate to ensure that you are only entering your details on a site that encrypts the transaction end-to-end. Don’t send your credit card information over email.

Buy a prepaid card for online transactions

For those who want to keep online purchases completely separate from everyday credit card transactions, prepaid cards are an option to consider. These can either be bought online or from a traditional bricks and mortar retailer for a small fee.

Prepaid credit cards allow you to load a set amount of money at the time of purchase. The advantages are plentiful when it comes to using a prepaid card for online shopping, but the big one is that even if the card’s details are compromised somewhere along the chain, there is a limit to the amount of money that can be taken.

Some banks and financial institutions will let you generate a virtual credit card number to complete purchases. This is generally a single-use number that you can enter in place of your regular number.

Watch statements for any unusual transactions 

While many banks have sophisticated 24/7 monitoring systems designed to detect fraud and unauthorised credit card use, it’s important to also keep an eye out on financial statements both online and on paper. If you spot anything suspicious, call your bank immediately.
Turn on your credit card’s added layer of security

Many credit cards will have an additional layer of security that might not be enabled by default. MasterCard has a product called SecureCode, which is a private code that you enter every time you make a transaction on a supported site, and is never disclosed to the retailer.

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Hands on with Caine Linux: Pentesting and UEFI compatible

I have mixed feelings about Caine Linux. First and foremost, it is a Linux-based forensic analysis system which is UEFI-compatible. However, while it is reasonably easy to boot as a Live DVD or USB system, I found it to be rather difficult to install, and quite complicated to use.

There are a variety of special-purpose Linux distributions which I can easily imagine being used for everyday work – Kali Linux, Knoppix, AV Linux and others. But I have difficult time imagining even an experienced Linux user using Caine for everyday tasks.

Maybe this is a good thing. Honestly, a pentest/forensic system should be used for that, and nothing else.  When you use it for other purposes, and in other situations, or you connect regularly to the internet and mount other removable storage devices, you are taking the risk that it could become compromised, corrupted or otherwise damaged and made unsuitable for its primary use.

So that is the reason I have such mixed feelings. Maybe it would be best to use it only as it is distributed, as a standalone Live system. I would be interested in hearing other opinions about this.

But of course the really big question is, does it work on UEFI-firmware systems? This is not a trivial question – for example, Kali Linux (formerly BackTrack), which is my preferred distribution of this type, added UEFI compatibility not long ago, and to say that they had mixed result would be very generous. So having a system that works with UEFI out of the box would be very nice.

The short answer is yes, it does work as a stand-alone UEFI-boot Live system. The long answer is that if you want to go beyond that and create an installed system, well, that works too but you have to be very careful, and there are some potentially serious pitfalls along the way.

Let’s start with the basics of the distribution. Caine 6.0 is derived from Ubuntu 14.04.1 (64 bit). That is a Long Term Support release, so that is a good thing. It uses the MATE desktop, rather than Unity, which is another really good thing. The ISO image can be obtained from their Downloads page (duh), and is relatively large (2.68GB).

You can either burn the ISO to a DVD, or copy it to a USB stick. The downloads page specifically says that you can use rufus (on Windows) or unetbootin (on Linux, MacOS or Windows).  I am curious/stubborn/lazy/set in my ways (choose one or more which you think applies), so I decided to try a couple of other possibilities. The first and most obvious option, copy directly to a USB stick with dd, doesn’t work. Bummer.  The other obvious choice, because this is an Ubuntu derivative, was to try the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator. I recently installed Ubuntu 14.10, so I fired that up, and it worked just fine. Yay.

The Live USB stick can then be booted on either “Legacy” (MBR) or UEFI-boot systems, and on UEFI systems it can be booted with Secure Boot enabled (or not). That’s very good news.

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WordPress 4.0.1 Released to Address Vulnerabilities and Cross-Site Scripting Flaw

The critical security release addresses a serious cross-site scripting (XSS) bug identified and reported by Jouko Pynnonen of the Finland-based IT company Klikki Oy on September 26. The vulnerability affects WordPress 3.9.2 and earlier versions which, according to the latest statistics from WordPress, account for nearly 86% of installations. WordPress 4.0, released in early September 2014, is not affected.

“An attacker could exploit the vulnerability by entering carefully crafted comments, containing program code, on WordPress blog posts and pages. Under default settings comments can be entered by anyone without authentication (login),” Klikki Oy said in a press release. “Program code injected in comments would be inadvertently executed in the blog administrator’s web browser when they view the comment. The rogue code could then perform administrative operations by covertly taking over the administered account.”

A proof-of-concept published by the company shows that an attacker can exploit the vulnerability to create new administrator accounts, change the password of the current administrator, and execute arbitrary PHP code on the server.

“Exploitability without login, under default settings, and the server-side impact make this probably the most serious WordPress core vulnerability that has been reported since 2009,” Klikki Oy said.

Technical details on the critical XSS vulnerability are available in an advisory published by the Finnish company on November 20.

Millions of WordPress sites around the web are being updated to 4.0.1 right now and older releases will be updated to 3.9.3, 3.8.5, or 3.7.5, as outlined in Andrew Nacin’s security release announcement. If you don’t want to wait for the automatic update, you can always go to Dashboard → Updates in the admin and update immediately.

The security update also fixes 23 flaws from the WordPress 4.0 version among others.

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Who is Behind is behind the sophisticated, stealthy Regin malware?

An advanced piece of malware has been uncovered, which has been in use as far back as 2008 to spy on governments, companies and individuals, Symantec said in a report released Sunday.
Symantec Security Response has discovered a new malware called Regin which, they say, “…displays a degree of technical competence rarely seen and has been used in spying operations against governments, infrastructure operators, businesses, researchers, and private individuals.”
This back-door trojan has been in use, according to the security company, since at least 2008, and has stayed under the radar since.

The level of quality and the amount of effort put into keeping it secret convinces Symantec that it is a primary cyberespionage tool of a nation state.

Regin is a multi-stage attack, each stage but the first encrypted and none by themselves especially revealing about the overall attack. The picture only emerges when you have all five stages.

Attacks were committed between 2008 and 2011 (Regin 1.0), at which point the malware disappeared. It resurfaced in 2013 (Regin 2.0) with some significant differences: the new version is 64-bit, and may have lost a stage.

Symantec has not found a stage 3 for the 2.0 version, which may be explained by the fact that the 1.0 stage 3 is a device driver, and installing device drivers on 64-bit Windows surreptitiously is a difficult proposition even, it would seem, for the most sophisticated of attackers.

Attacks were committed between 2008 and 2011 (Regin 1.0), at which point the malware disappeared. It resurfaced in 2013 (Regin 2.0) with some significant differences: the new version is 64-bit, and may have lost a stage.

Symantec has not found a stage 3 for the 2.0 version, which may be explained by the fact that the 1.0 stage 3 is a device driver, and installing device drivers on 64-bit Windows surreptitiously is a difficult proposition even, it would seem, for the most sophisticated of attackers.

Symantec’s description in their threat database of the threat, where they call it Backdoor.Trojan.GR, indicates that it was detected and protection provided on December 12, 2013. Presumably they did not know what they had until much more recently, and retrospective analysis revealed the true nature of the threat and its use prior years.

Even so, there is still

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How to use an authenticator app to improve your online security

Passwords alone are hopelessly weak and fragile security measures.

Don’t be fooled by the myth that creating a stronger password will somehow make you safe online. You can create a password that is so long and complex it takes you five minutes to type, and it will do nothing to protect you if the service where you use that password stores it improperly and then has their server breached. It happens regularly.
And even with reasonable policies in place (complexity, changed regularly, not reused), people are still the weakest link in the security chain. Social engineering can convince even intelligent people to enter their credentials on a phishing site or give them up over the phone.
The solution is two-factor authentication, or 2FA. (Technically, it should be called multi-factor authentication, but 2FA is the most common form, so that’s the term I’ll use in this article.)

Turning on 2FA for a service changes the security requirements, forcing you to provide at least two proofs of identity when accessing a secure service for the first time on an unknown device. Those two forms of authentication can come from any combination of at least two of the following elements:

    “Something you know,” such as a password or PIN
    “Something you are,” such as a fingerprint or other biometric ID
    “Something you have,” such as a trusted smartphone that can generate or receive confirmation codes

For the most part, the two-factor authentication systems you see in place today use the first item, your password, and the last item, your smartphone. Smartphones have become ubiquitous, making them ideal security devices.

Your smartphone can assist with authentication by providing a unique code that you use along with your password to sign in. You can acquire that code in one of two ways: sent as a text message from the service, or generated by an app installed on your phone.

Here, for example, is what I saw moments ago when I tried to sign in to my Gmail account from a browser I had never used before.

If this sign-in request were from someone who had stolen my Google account credentials, he’d be stopped dead in his tracks. Without that code, he can’t continue the sign-in process.

I prefer the option to use an authenticator app rather than receiving codes via text message whenever possible, and so should you. The reason is simple logistics. There are times when you have access to the Internet (via a wired connection or Wi-Fi) but don’t have the ability to receive a text message, because your cellular signal is weak or nonexistent, or you’re using a different SIM while traveling.

The most popular 2FA app is Google Authenticator, which is available on iOS and Android. But if you use another platform, you can almost certainly find an alternative: Because the process for generating secure tokens is based on open standards, anyone can write an authenticator app that performs the same function.

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